Hear It As It Was Made to Sound

Great music, sounding rich and compelling, yet simple and intuitive to play, will bring joy into your day and help turn your house into a home. Our Whole Home audio designs are so simple to use that the music will take center stage and the technology will disappear from view. Effortlessly stream from Pandora, Spotify, Napster, Apple music and others. We put the whole world of music at your fingertips for you to share and enjoy.

Audio Video Advisors will design a distributed audio system that will put all the rooms and spaces in your home within listening reach. We might propose unobtrusive in-ceiling speakers for the kitchen and bedrooms, while bookshelf or floor standing speakers might be more appropriate for the living room or library. On the patio or terrace we might suggest weatherproof speakers mounted on the house or landscape speakers hidden in the greenery. 

When it is time to entertain, our systems let you easily group all your audio zones together for a whole-house musical experience. Adjust the volume is each zone independently so the music stays in the background in conversation areas, but rocks as loud as you like for dancing on the patio.

Audio Video Advisors can also design a space that is dedicated to more critical listening. The most important single audio element in a critical listening area is the room itself. We will take into consideration the shape of your room and its construction, and we will propose room modifications or acoustic treatments as required. Our component and speaker recommendations will reflect your listening preferences. The final result will be a musical experience that accurately recreates all the excitement and drama of the live studio or stage.

TV Re-imagined

When your family comes together to watch a TV program, or when you and your spouse finally have a moment to sit and watch something together, you will want a seamless viewing experience that lets you enjoy your time together without struggling with remote controls or intermittent service. With a video system from Audio Video Advisors your viewing time together will be a trouble free high-quality experience.

Audio Video Advisors will help you sort through all available options; like Cable TV, Satellite TV, Over the Air antenna, and Streaming Services. We will make recommendations for the size and model of each TV. Every installation will be accomplished with attention to mounting options, viewing angles, controlling screen glare from lights and windows, hiding all cables and wires and other aesthetic considerations of the room. In addition, we can recommend options for enhanced sound quality at those locations that would benefit from better quality audio than the TVs speakers alone can produce.

Cable TV delivered to your home from companies like Comcast and Verizon is still the most common way to receive television service. But an increasing number of our customers are now considering “cutting the cord” and using Video Streaming Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV to find all the TV movies and programs that they want and need. Streaming Video services require a fast and robust Home Network. Your experts from Audio Video Advisors will make sure that each viewing location has a solid wired or wireless connection to your Home Network so those video services with stream flawlessly on every TV.