All You Need Is The Popcorn

The Jewel in the Crown on an Audio Video Advisors installation is the Residential Cinema. A dedicated Theater Room that is designed to rival, and exceed, a commercial cinema. Every aspect of the room is calibrated to optimize the viewing experience. Imagine settling into your own comfortable reclining leather theater seat while a sound track surrounds you with an acoustically perfect realism that puts you in the center of the drama, excitement, and emotion of the movies that you love. The highest resolution video, projected on The Big Screen, in your own home cinema is the ultimate experience for you, your family and your guests. And all will find it simple and intuitive to use with a hand held remote or iPad that has been expertly programmed for seamless control.

With the touch of a button the lights will dim, the screen will come alive, the soundtrack will swell and you will be immersed in an incredible cinematic experience that is true to the intent of the directors and producers of the worlds greatest movies and video programs.